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Ziegensuppe - Ram-Goat Soup, 60 g, Angebot

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Ram-Goat Suppe des jamaikanischen Herstellers Spicy Hill Farms aus Kingston wird u.a. hergestellt aus Ziegenfleischextrakt, getrockneten Nudeln, Zwiebeln, Knoblauch, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Thymian, Basilikum, Ingwer und Piment und eignet sich auch zur Herstellung des jamaikanischen Gerichtes "Mannish Water", dem man eine aphrodisierende Wirkung nachsagt.

In Wikipedia findet man hierzu folgende Hinweise und Serviervorschläge:

"Mannish water is a goat soup in Jamaican cuisine. It is believed to be an aphrodisiac and is made from various goat parts.

The soup has been sold packaged since 2006 when it competed for Best New Food Idea in a competition covered by the Jamaica Observer. The Spicy Hill Farms company is behind the product, an offering of "Jamaica's favourite party soup." The meal has been part of "Maroon" celebrations for 300 years. The pieces of goat are seasoned with local herbs and spices, and cooked along with vegetables and 'food' - yam, potato, bananas and dumplings." Feedback indicated it was going to be as popular as Tastee patties. The Observer reported that Mannish water is still popular at 'dead yard' functions, large stage shows and parties (to make sure you can drive home after a few drinks). The food company's factory is in the hills bordering Manchester, Jamaica and Trelawny.

According to Rough Guide, mannish water is traditionally served to a groom on his wedding night. It is also discussed as a cultural feature in books about Jamaica.

The dish is believed to have inspired the Rolling Stones with the name for their Goats Head Soup album. Some of the album was recorded during the early 1970s while the band was relocated in Kingston, Jamaica's Dynamic Sound Studios."

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