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Scotch Bonnet Pepper Samen, ca. 10 Stück

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Mit diesen getrockneten Samen (seeds) können Sie Ihre eigenen Scotch Bonnet Pepper züchten.
Reife Früchte können Sie ca. 3 Monate nach der Aussaat ernten. Die fertigen Pflanzen werden ca. 50 cm hoch.

Scotch Bonnet Pepper Samen, ca. 10 Stk.

Eine jamaikanische Kundin hat mir zu den Scotch Bonnet Peppers dankenswerterweise folgende hilfreiche Pflanztipps geschrieben:

"It is simple to germinate the seeds. Just use a plastic flowerpot (small) and put a few seeds in there. Have them spaced out in a pot that is half way to three-quarters way filled with soil and then lightly cover with soil (Blumenerde). Dampen the soil and then place it in a saucer (Untertasse) that has some water in it too. Cover with a plastic bag (Gefrierbeutel-3l) so that it covers over the saucer too. Place this in a lit and warm area like the window sill. It will build its own irrigation system, but if it gets too much just take off the plastic bag for a couple of hours. It takes a long time for the seeds to germinate. Then when they sprout leave the plastic bag off so they can build leaves. Don't forget to rotate the seedlings so that they do not grow too quickly or crooked. When they are strong enough then transfer into individual pots. I use bone meal (Hornspäne) to fertilize and compost later in a big pot. You have to cut it back or it will take over your whole window space and continues to bloom and bear all year round. Not too drastically like when you cut back the garden plants for winter. Most important is to pray and bless the plant before you start to sow the seeds.Yuh si mi! Walk tru!"


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